Reagentika LLC (Moscow, Russian Federation)

About us

The company was founded in 2005 to look for laboratory IVD products and solutions for further development and synergetic integration into existing product line of Vector-Best group of companies. Vector–Best is one of the major players in Russian IVD market manufacturing over 1.5 million of diagnostic reagent kits per year and supplying over 3600 clinical diagnostics laboratories through country-wide distribution network. Reagentika complements Vector-Best made products with equipment, reagents and consumables from reputable manufacturers such as Grifols Diagnostics (Spain), Dynex Technologies (USA), Ritter Gmbh (Germany).

Scope of business

Considering that expected continuous growth rate of IVD market in CIS countries (total of $1.5 billion) is driven mostly by automation, it attracts reputable international automatic IVD equipment manufacturers who occupy 95% of the market. Reagentika is an expert in synergetic automation solutions for Vector-Best diagnostic reagents and other complementary IVD product lines.
Reagentika can provide reliable expert assistance in promotion of such products, post–sales customer support, technical service, sales force application training. Reagentika regularly participates in all major medical trade-shows, specialized exhibitions, organizes own promotional seminars and events.

Country-wide network

Reagentika has a network of distributors and also benefits from full access to the distribution, service and customer support infrastructure as a part of Vector-Best group:

15 regional distribution centers covering Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Ukraine
Each regional center has cold chain logistics, sales force, provides customer and technical services
The centers have ~390 staff in total, including 70 sales managers serving over 3600 laboratories, 40 service engineers, 40 application specialists and 20 product managers.

Business partners, products and results

  • Vector –Best (Russia), manufacturer of reagents for IVD diagnostics. Reagentika supplies raw materials and automation, sells Vector-Best diagnostic kits in the international market.
  • Dynex Technologies Inc. (US), manufacturer of ELISA automated analyzers. Reagentika (best Dynex customer in 2011)
    installed and supports over 500 units, provides technical service and supplies consumables.
  • Diagnostics Grifols (Spain, manufactures DG Gel blood typing solutions (manual and automatic). Reagentika won 14% of Russian immunohematology market.
  • Ritter GmbH (Germany), manufacturer of tips for automated pipetting. Achieved market share of 10% in Russia.
  • BioSan (Latvia), manufactures semi–automated PCR and ELISA equipment for Reagentika on OEM basis and occupies ~45% of this market.


Reagentika seeks partnership with manufacturers in areas such as automated immunochemistry and biochemistry, luminescent/fluorescent immuno-diagnostic analysis, real-time PCR, coagulation and hematology and other IVD techniques matching demand from our existing client base. Reagentika can move new products into domestic market including state registration.
As an exporting company of Vector-Best group, Reagentika looks for international distributors for over 500 PCR and ELISA diagnostic kits manufactured by Vector-Best. They provide thoroughly tested and cost-effective solutions for IVD diagnostic laboratories

RT-PCR and ELISA product lines are on offer for international sales

Reagentika provides your best gateway into Russia