Technical Solutions


Our Technical Solutions consultancy is a very important part of team work with our customers to fully understand their needs and objectives. We are not just sales company, we are the team of high-educated and experienced professionals. The aim of consultancy is to carry out a full and detailed workflow analysis to highlight the areas where improved efficiency can be achieved using automated processes. It helps our customer to achieve their laboratory objectives. Usually we provide consultancy support, assisting customers to develop the most appropriate solutions to meet our customer’s needs. We manage our business around a set of core values that are designed to enable us to achieve our BP’s objective.

Find solution targeting customer’s needs

Sales Specialist teams are on hand to help customers be effective in their choice of laboratory solutions and are the main assistants for information and advice between all participants of process: manufactories, customers, distributors. Our Managers work in partnership with customers and develop strong relationships with them in order fully understand the needs of each individual customer. We are providing information and support to a variety of clinical settings, from public hospital laboratories to private laboratories.


To ensure the new technical solution is easy and possible to install, we are able to provide customers with an inspection of the delivery area and route for both instrument and reagent deliveries, guaranteeing a problem free delivery from start to finish. That’s way our installation team are on hand to provide product and technical support from day one.


We invest heavily into professional technical service and application consultancy for every product in the product line. Our trainings provide detailed information allowing our customers to fully understand general operating procedures. Subsequent training can also be provided to achieve the best quality level within the laboratory. We can provide training either on site or at major Russian postgraduate medical diagnostic training center.

Personalized Delivery Service

As a first-rate company we are proud to offer a complete delivery service which includes a full process of required customized logistic services. We can organize and support international express deliveries, global freight forwarding by air, road and rail and mail deliveries worldwide by our staff. Reagentika LLC  has warehousing solutions from packaging, to «cold chain» logistics, provide refrigerated storage facilities and a fleet of 19 delivery vehicles. We provide you guaranteed and highly reliable delivery service:

Free of charge stock
Logistics assessments service
Inventory management
Individual approach to each customer

Customer Support

Our aim is to ensure that customers are supported by the highest level of assistance quickly and effectively. The team of highly trained Engineers and Product Specialists are always keep in touch with clients. If our customers require unplanned support schedule an Engineer, Application Specialist, keeping customers informed of estimated arrival time. Our aim is to significantly reduce instrument down-time. Here better for our customers means a benefit for our business partners.