TS-DW, Thermo–Shaker for Deep Well Plate

TS-DW Thermo–Shaker is designed for shaking and incubating deep well plates. A multisystem principle, used in the design of the Thermo-Shaker, allows operating it as 3 independent devices: Incubator, Plate shaker and Thermo–Shaker.

TS-DW provides excellent temperature uniformity across the plate due to patented two-sided heating of the block and the lid, contour heating of the block and close proximity of heating elements to plate walls.


  • Soft or intensive sample shaking
  • Rotation speed regulation, stabilization and indication
  • Even rotation amplitude throughout the Thermo-Shaker platform
  • Exceptional temperature uniformity across the plate
  • Required operation time setting and indication
  • Automatic stopping of the platform movement after expiration of the set time
  • Setting and indication of the required temperature on the platform
  • A variety of changeable blocks that can accommodate most popular deepwell plates
  • Automatic fault diagnostics (temperature sensor, platform heating, lid heating etc.).

Separate blocks to accommodate different deepwell plates will be released. For example:

  • Deep Well Plates NUNC® 96/2000 μl
  • Deep Well Eppendorf® 96/0.5 ml